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Polyex Mesh 2000

Polymer fibres for optimal contraction control and improvement of the strength properties of concrete

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Description of the product

Polymer fibres for optimal contraction control and improvement of the strength properties of concrete.

They are a modern alternative to distributed steel reinforcement and steel mesh.The Polyex Mesh 2000® fibres are produced from 100% pure polyolefin twisted multifilament bundles.This type of fibre ensures convenient dispensing, mixing and even distribution in the cement matrix.Polyex Mesh 2000® fibres are manufactured in lengths of 24, 38 and 54 mm.


With their properties, Polyex Mesh 2000® fibres absorb the maximum breaking energy, which is a strength indicator and a measure of the effectiveness of dispersed reinforcement.Polyex Mesh 2000 fibres even at low dosing allow a reduction of steel use for all concrete panels on ground and prefabricated components.

The fibre length is also ideal for thin, prefabricated wall elements.They improve the architectural and performance properties of the concrete and increase its tensile strength in bending.While maintaining the appropriate fibre ratios in the concrete volume, Polyex Mesh 2000® dispersed reinforcement in many ways exceeds the scattered steel reinforcement in the form of steel fibres.Moreover, Polyex Mesh 2000® fibres are dosed on average 10 times less than traditional steel fibres.

Available variants

  • 24mm
  • 38mm
  • 54mm


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