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Sicon S1

Mineral hardening topping for medium-load concrete floors.

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Description of the product

There are ready-to-use, dry mineral and metallic aggregates for curing low, medium, heavily or very heavily loaded industrial floors. Bags of 25 kg (1000 kg on pallet),

Industrial floor with medium or heavy load.

Product parameters

Sicon 1 mixture of mineral and metallic aggregates
  • Hard quartz aggregates (SiO2 content above 99.8%)
  • hard metallic aggregates (silicon carbide, electrocorundum)
  • high performance cement adhesives
  • pigments and other special additives
    BCA abrasion
  • AR1,0
    Bohme abrasion
  • A6
    Intended use
  • Posadzka przemysłowa średnio lub mocno obciążona.


Mineral hardener for medium-load concrete floors.

These are a ready-to-use, dry mineral and metallic aggregate mixtures for curing low, medium, heavily or very heavily loaded industrial floors.

Properties of a floor using Sicon 1

  • speed and low running costs
  • easy to keep clean
  • durable and aesthetically pleasing,
  • resistant to oil and fat penetration,
  • increased wear and impact resistance
  • intended for indoor use,

Available colour variants

Grey is the standard. On request we can also offer you.
  • light grey
  • green
  • red
  • graphite
  • brown
Colours are approximate and may differ from actual colours


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