Mineral curing topping for concrete light-duty floorings

SICON S100 is a ready for use, dry topping (DST – dry sake topping) of curing the new concrete surfaces. It contains selected hard quartz aggregate (Si02 above 99.8%), high-performance modified cement binder, pigments and other special additives. It creates a smooth, hard and abrasion-resistant coating of marbled structure when applied on fresh, trowelled concrete. Reinforced surface of the floor thanks to optimally matched components forms a durable, monolithic structure with concrete.

Product data sheet Sicon S100


SICON S100 is designed to execute trowelled, hard, wear-resistant concrete floorings. It is designed for floorings in warehouses, factories, workshops, shopping centers, or wherever resistance of the substrate to abrasion and significantly reduced dusting are required. The preparation increases the compressive strength of the surface coating of the flooring, improves hardness, resistance to slip and decreases the water and oil soaking. SICON S100 can be used in halls in places where there is no a corrosive impact of aggressive chemicals on the hardened cement matrix.

Properties of the flooring with the use of SICON S100

Technical data according to EN 13813
BCA abrasion AR 2
BOEHME abrasion A9
Compression strength C70
Bending strength F7

SICON S100 Product Data
Form Dry mortar
Package 25 kg paper bags with foil, 1000 kg net pallet
Performance: Approx. 4 to 6 kg/m2 with the coating thickness of 3 mm.
Available colors Natural / gray / green, yellow, red, graphite, possibility of obtaining color according to individual order
Storage 9 months sealed in the original containers in a cool and dry place (temp. 5°C to 40°C)
Certifications PZH HK/B/0538/01/2014
Control According to PN-EN 13813

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