Research and development laboratory of SICON

Sicon has operated on the market since 2008 and is a rapidly growing research, implementation and production company.

The current offer of the company includes special materials used in the construction, operation and repairs of the industrial floorings.

Since its establishment, the Company has closely worked with various scientific and research units. In 2012, own research and development laboratory was opened. Equipment has enabled the implementation of a program co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund and the state budget entitled “Support for the research and development of special materials of construction chemicals designed for industrial floorings”.


Those facilities thanks to a very modern and sophisticated devices and employed engineering staff allowed for starting interesting research works. Personnel includes highly qualified Industry technologists who consistently strive to implement the preset objectives. The implemented projects are based on modern scientific knowledge, and the needs arising from the market. Products offered by SICON are manufactured using proprietary technology and modern machinery. With this, the quality of products, with SICON brand, is at the highest level and the competitive advantage of the Company is a very favorable quality to price ratio, and the appropriate product support. An efficiently functioning unit allows for continuous quality control of raw materials as well as current control of the products, including, according to PN EN 13813.

Advanced measuring instrumentation allows the company to provide reliable results and the employees guarantee their correct interpretation. Experience in cooperation with industry and own expertise allow for a realistic and efficient way to utilize new chemical technologies.

Development of new product lines has resulted in not only strengthening the company’s competitiveness in the market as one of the leading manufacturers of flooring construction chemicals but also allowed the internationalization of floorings with synthetic resins. Proof of this is our participation in the following research and implementation projects.

Material laboratory is equipped with modern equipment and research equipment including, e.g.,

  • Schmidt Hammer,
  • Boehme Disc,
  • BCA device,
  • Concrete shrinkage device,
  • Peel strength measuring device,
  • Air content measuring device,
  • Extension Kit for cracks measuring,
  • 168 TL microscope including instrumentation,
  • Propagation table,
  • Moisture analyzer,
  • Viscometer,
  • PH meter,
  • FD 115 laboratory oven,
  • Laboratory Dissolver,
  • Automatic Vicat Device,
  • Endurance press with a pressure of 2000kN
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