Colorless, cold plastic resin. Ideal as a sealing coating for sprinkled systems and systems trowelled with colorful aggregate

Colorless, two-component, solvent free, cold plastic, epoxy, low-viscosity resin. Ideal as a sealing coating for sprinkled systems and systems trowelled with colorful aggregate. Also used as a resin for screeds, and in “Stone Carpet” flooring systems.

Product data sheet TOPLACK-E



Physical properties of Siconofloor Toplack-E
Form Component A modified epoxy liquid
Component B amine curing agent
Density (according to PN EN ISO 1675) Component A 1.02~1.2 g/cm3
Component B 0.99~1.18 g/cm3
Suitability for use 30 minutes at 20oC
Theoretical consumption of the blend 0.7~1.2 kg/m2 when used as a varnish
Color and odor Component A colorful and odorless
Component B transparent, with a characteristic odor
Hygiene tests Meets the requirements; Hygienic Certificate No. HK/B/0757/01/2015
Practical consumption of the blend It strongly depends on the aggregate fractions, application technique, application conditions, surface roughness degree applied layer thickness, average consumption 0.2 kg/m2 for trowelled systems, 0.7 kg/m2 for sprinkled systems.
Curing time Light load 24h at 25oC
Full load 7 days
Viscosity (Brookfield DV-II). Test conducted at 19oC using 04 spindle and rotational speed. 20 RPM. Component A 1270~1280 mPa*s
Component B 700~732mPa*s

Mechanical properties of Siconofloor Toplack-E
Dust dryness 12 hours at 20oC
ShA hardness (after 7 days) 100o
ShA hardness (after 7 days) 80o

Application methods First mix A component, then add B component, mix the components until a uniform consistency, but not for less than 3 minutes. Stirring ratios of Component A and Component B are indicated on the packaging and they must not be changed. Changing the proportions results in a product with characteristics different from the ones declared by the manufacturer. Over mixing can cause air entrainment and therefore it should be avoided. Use low speed electric stirrer for the resin mixing (300 ÷ 400 rpm) or another suitable equipment.
Sprinkled systems sealing coating Apply SICONOFLOOR TOPLACK-E using a roller or trowel depending on the target structure, ensure that a uniform and continuous coating is obtained. Apply a second coat if necessary. Wash tools with acetone or xylene immediately after use. Hardened or cured material can only be removed mechanically.
Conditions of the system components storage SICONOFLOOR TOPLACK-E resin is a material with a reduced tendency to crystallization process. Store it in a dry place at +5~30oC. Components A an B in a liquid state are the agents causing water pollution and should not get into drains, soil and watercourses. After curing the resin is environmentally neutral.

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