Resin preparation for concrete priming and impregnating. Ideal for mortars and resin screeds

Universal resin preparation for concrete priming and impregnating. Ideal for mortars and resin screeds. Colorless, two-component, solvent free, epoxy, low-viscosity resin.

Product data sheet SICONOFLOOR GF-E



Physical properties of Siconofloor GF-E
Form Component A modified epoxy liquid
Component B amine curing agent
Density (according to PN EN ISO 1675) Component A 1.05~1.2 g/cm3
Component B 0.99~1.15 g/cm3
Suitability for use 10 minutes at 20oC
Theoretical consumption of the blend 0.3~0.6 kg/m2 when used as a priming resin
Color and odor Component A colorful and odorless
Component B transparent, with a characteristic odor
Hygiene tests Meets the requirements; Hygienic Certificate No. HK/B/0757/01/2015
Practical use of the blend It strongly depends on the use, substrate quality (absorption), application technique, application conditions, roughness degree Average consumption 0.3~0.5 kg/m2. In the case of porous substrates two coatings of resin are preferred.
Curing time Light load 24h at 25oC
Full load 7 days
Viscosity (Brookfield DV-II). The test was conducted at 20oC using 04 spindle and 20 RPM rotational speed. Component A 310~320 mPa*s
Component B 100~110mPa*s

Mechanical properties of Siconofloor GF-E
Non-volatile content (according to PN-EN ISO 3251:2008) 80oC 97.91 ± 1 %
105oC 97.00 ± 1 %
ShA hardness (after 7 days) 100o
ShD hardness (ShD hardness after 7 days, 80 ShD) 10o after 24h 55o ShD
after 48h 80o ShD
20o after 24h 70o ShD
after 48h 80o ShD

Substrate preparation The substrate must have sufficient compressive strength (minimum 25 N/mm²). The surface must be flat, slightly rough, dark and dry, cleaned of all contaminants. “Pull off” test should not give a result below 1.5 N/mm². If in doubt, make a reference area. Parts of the substrate with insufficient strength, cement slurry and fragments contaminated with oils or other anti-adhesive materials, must be removed mechanically, e.g., by means of grinding or milling. Before the material application, the substrate must have open pores. Immediately before the material application, the substrate must be dusted and vacuumed.

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