Melaxil Eco

A curing and priming preparation based on water acrylic dispersion

MELAXIL Eco is a waterborne primer for industrial floors. Melaxil Eco is a ready to use aqueous dispersion of acrylic resin.

Product data sheet Melaxil Eco


It is designed for sealing new made and existing floors in order to:

Surface strengthening, water absorption reducing and preventing dusting of the floors hardened with SICON S1, SICON S2, S3 SICON.


Melaxil Eco Technical Specifications
Consumption 1 litre per 8 to 10 m2 ,per single coat
Number of layers 1-2
Drying time at temperature of 20oC About 24 hours
Applications conditions The substrate and ambient temperature should be between+5 and +25oC. Clean thoroughly and dry an existing floor.
Chemical resistance e.g. oils, whiter, coolant, ethyl alcohol, alkaline detergents, printing ink
Density about 1,0 g/cm3
Package plastic cans 5 l, 10l, 20 l, barrels 200 l
Certifications Atest PZH HK/B/0550/02/2016