A priming and strengthening preparation for new concrete surfaces based on lithium silicate

Colorless liquid lithium silicate based, penetrates deeply into outer layer of concrete and reacts with calcium compounds, forming a water-insoluble gel. As a result, it fills the concrete pores and – by that meaning – it brings sealing and hardening of concrete floor at area of the formulation application.

Product data sheet Litoxil

Scope of application

LITOXIL is intended for hardening and sealing of new and up to 3 years old internal concrete floors in warehouses, distribution and shopping centres, offices complexes, food processing plants, slaughterhouses, breweries, chemical plants, parking garages etc. Applicable to polishing / diamond grinding processes of concrete floors. It is recommended to use the agent on the fresh concrete.


Product features
Appearance colorless liquid
Packaging Plastic cans 5l, 20 l, barrels 200 l
Shelf life Shelf life of the product equals 12 months (listed on the package)
Storage conditions Store product in a dry places at temperatures between +4 ° C to +38 ° C

Technical data
Color Colorless
Odor Odorless
Emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) 0 g/l
Clarity Clear
Freezing point [°C] 0
Flammability non-inflammable
Amount of layers 1-2
Mechanical properties The average % of improvement in relation to uncoated control samples
Resistance to abrasion, ASTM D4060
200 rev. Improvement – up to 30 %
300 rev. Improvement – up to 30 %
Hardening, ASTM C805
Improvement – up to 10 %