Colorful resin with very high flexibility

Colorful, two-component, polyurethane, low-viscosity resin with very high flexibility.

Product data sheet Elastan



Physical properties of Siconofloor ELASTAN
Form Component A modified polyol
Component B isocyanate hardener
Density (according to PN EN ISO 1675) Component A 1.05~1.2 g/cm3
Component B 0.99~1.15 g/cm3
Suitability for use 35 minutes at 20oC
Color and odor Component A colorful and odorless
Component B liquid with a characteristic brown color
Practical use of the blend It strongly depends on its use, cracks depth
Curing time Light loads 24h at 25oC
Full load 7 days
Viscosity (Brookfield DV-II). The test was conducted at 20oC using 04 spindle and 20 RPM rotational speed. Component A 700~890 mPa*s
Component B 200~260mPa*s

Mechanical properties of Siconofloor ELASTAN
Dust dryness 12 hours at 20oC
ShA hardness (after 7 days) 80o
ShA hardness (after 7 days) 50o

Conditions of the system components storage Store it in a dry place at +5~30oC. Components A an B in a liquid state are the agents causing water pollution and should not get into drains, soil and watercourses. At the cured state the resin is environmentally neutral. It is unacceptable to store components in open buckets.

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