Sicon Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. deals and specializes in the production of special materials designed to execute, repair and maintenance the industrial floorings.


Using the asset of realization of projects involving the production of own raw materials such as quartz sand characterized by very favorable chemical and physical parameters, we can afford to produce very high quality materials, at a reasonable price. Our experience, qualified personnel, new equipment allows producing and offering the preparations that are modern, easy to handle and durable in operation.

Currently, the leading product of Sicon is a dry mixture of hard aggregates with cement, occurring in the form of hardening coating for industrial concrete floors. The above material is produced in-house in own modernized plant, using proven European technologies. Currently, the Company is a leader in the market of investments including industrial concrete flooring, and is supplying contractors and mainstream investments.

Sicon and its owners are focused on building a strong market position of the company as a manufacturer of special materials for industrial floors on the domestic and European markets. This mission is consistently implemented by:

  • maintaining high technical quality of the product (supported by certificates)
  • swide and innovative offer that allows an individual approach to each project,
  • modern manufacturing (automated new production lines),
  • efficient distribution system geared to the needs and capabilities of customers in Poland and abroad,
  • technical assistance and advice.

The offer of Sicon Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. includes:

  • hardening coating
  • protecting and strengthening impregnates
  • dilatant materials
  • repair materials,
  • quartz, marble, basalt and granite aggregates,
  • epoxy and polyurethane resins.

Machine Park

We invite you to read the offer: mashing machines, grinders along with polishers, dust catchers, tools and accessories for the machines.

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